Extending the Life of Your Tires

Since tires are the only part of your car that’s touching pavement, it’s essential they’re functioning correctly to ensure safety. For residents of Elk County and the surrounding areas, the go-to source for quality tire service is St. Marys Wheel Alignment.

We’ve proudly repaired old tires and sold new rubber for over three decades. Dedicated to giving customers the best products and achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction, we quickly built a reputation for going the extra mile for our valued clients.

Whether you need a quick plug, patch, or repairs, don’t hesitate to stop by our auto shop. While most appointments are made in advance via telephone, we’ll fit you in as soon as possible if you stop by due to an emergency. We understand the importance of keeping a dependable vehicle available for you and your family, so we’ll put in the extra work to help out fellow hard-working Pennsylvania natives. 


Plug/Patch Combination


Quality Tires and Repair

If you notice a vibration, low tread, or uneven wear, make an appointment and we’ll evaluate the condition of your rubber. Using computerized spin balancing, we’ll make sure your tires are balanced correctly. Unfortunately, though, some tires just can’t be fixed and need to be replaced. At our shop, customers choose from a large inventory of winter and all-season rubber. We carry the industry’s top brands, including Michelin®, Goodyear®, and Bridgestone®.

If you’re looking for new tires, require tire balancing, or just need a tire rotation, you’ll get it at our automotive center. Best yet, we keep our prices reasonable, making our services obtainable for nearly everyone. 

St. Marys Wheel Alignment, Inc.